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You know you are a kind of object of desire for any firm willing to sell something. Google, FB, IG, Amazon, LinkedIn are your daily arena and you feel comfortable in playing with buyer personas, targets, ads, bids, budgets and so on. However, for some big guys in your company you seem to be more a pale number-cruncher, a war machine, a sophisticated gun dedicated to convert mysterious alchemies into ads which are successfully hitting anonymous consumers. Maybe this is true. Maybe not. Maybe partly. However, we suspect that you have a lot of creativity, a sparkling intelligence, a proactive attitude willing to be put at the service of an authentic and sustainable value creation. That’s the reason why we suggest giving yourself a chance to get in touch with a creative hub where digital marketers work together with social media managers, web developers, designers, video makers and a bunch of other dynamic, young and innovative people. Tell us what’s special in your background and show what you know about

  • digital market strategies;
  • campaign design, execution, optimization, monitoring and reporting;
  • media analytics and KPIs management;
  • SEO/SEM;
  • media planning;
  • retargeting techniques;
  • programmatic environment and buying principles.

Getting in touch with us will allow you to discover, among dozens of other things, a 7,5K Lego bricks Millennium Falcon, currently under construction. Maybe you can help us building a slice of our future (and the Millennium Falcon as well, if you wish…).

Please remember that this is an equal opportunity offer, as we are a firm sticking to an equal pay policy, with two thirds of our Board and more than 50% of our workforce made of women.

To apply, please send your resume in English to *****@*****.

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  • 15/05/2019
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